Gotokuji 豪徳寺

The new school year, which started in early April, has brought upon a major change to my schedule. My working week is now from Tuesday to Saturday, meaning I now work Saturdays and have Mondays off. Initially I thought this would be a real hassle, but so far it has not been so bad. It... Continue Reading →

Golden Week adventures in Osaka (大阪)

The end of April and first week of May is aptly named 'Golden Week' (ゴールデンウイーク) as it coincides with 4 public holidays in one week - Saturday being Showa Day (昭和の日), Wednesday - Constitution Day (憲法記念日), Thursday - Greenery Day (緑の日) and Friday  - Children's Day (子供の日). While I would have loved to have gone travelling... Continue Reading →

Kawaguchiko 河口湖

When my parents came to visit and gave me free reign over where to do and what to see, I knew that I wanted them to get a glimpse of Mt Fuji (富士山) and experience a stay in a traditional Japanese inn (旅館). So we headed down to 河口湖 for a one night stay. I had... Continue Reading →

My parents’ visit to school

I was asked to come into work for the closing ceremony of the school year on the 23rd of March, right smack bang in the middle of my parents’ visit to Japan. I emailed my supervisor asking if they could come along and I was expecting a ‘it may be too difficult….insert some indirect rejection... Continue Reading →

Graduation – 5th of March

 *This is somewhat of a late post, being a month after the fact. I have had a crazy month of travel, which I will attempt to blog about later on* What a day. Up at the crack of dawn and back well after the day has finished. It all started early, getting ready for the... Continue Reading →

Kawasaki (川崎) Photowalk

During these past couple of weeks I have been trying to find ways to keep busy as I am on 'spring break'. When I don't have any plans on the weekend, I like to get out of the house and join a Meetup event. Yesterday I joined a foodwalk, where we walked around the Yurakucho... Continue Reading →

Kyoto 京都

Kyoto is quintessential Japan - it has just the right mix of tradition and modernity and is so tourist friendly it is beyond unbelievable. When El visited me during the Christmas/New Year period, this was one of the places that we both knew we definitely wanted to go. I had been to  京都 years before,... Continue Reading →

Sapporo 札幌

A few weekends ago, a few friends and I made our way up to Hokkaido (北海道) for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival (札幌雪祭り). This trip had been in the works for many months and we were all so excited to get out of Tokyo (東京) for a long weekend and experience 北海道 for the first... Continue Reading →

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