Returning home…

So the time has come to make the transition back home. My time in Japan has come to an end and my way of coping with such a major change in my life has been to live in a little bubble of denial and pretend like the end was not coming. However, before I knew it, I was at the airport and hopping on a plane home in a blur of tears.

Two years doesn’t seem like a long time. Yet it also feels like an eternity. For me, it was just enough time to make some lifelong friendships and to feel like I could call another place in the world my home. I know that when I go back to Japan, there are people I can call and places I can go and I will transported straight away to that feeling of comfort and familiarity.

These two years have also taught me so much about myself and I have discovered things that I didn’t know I could do nor would even enjoy doing. I have grown so much personally, in ways that I don’t think I would have been capable of at home. I’ve learned how to really interact with people, be okay with feeling uncomfortable and cementing who I am as a person. The way I saw myself and the way other people  saw me used to be miles apart, however, I think in time, the two have started to resemble one another and that is something I am happy about.

While my adventure of a lifetime is officially over (as corny as this may sound), the adventure lies within me and it is up to me to find adventure in everyday life back home!

****Upcoming post: Saying goodbye!*****


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