Trip home

I am in the very privileged position of calling two places home at the moment. During my winter break here in Tokyo, I was able to head back to Sydney to spend three lovely weeks in the sun catching up with friends and family and attending a wedding (or two!)

Wedding number 1:

I was so happy that I was able to attend my friends Sudha and Arun’s wedding; Sudha is someone I have known for a greater part of my life so the timing worked out perfectly that I was able to fly in the day before the ceremony. She made the most beautiful bride!


Wedding number 2:

Biba has been one of my closest friends from work so being able to attend her wedding meant so much to me. It was the most beautiful day that reflected both Biba and Inir perfectly and it was so nice to catch with colleagues that I have worked with for so long but hadn’t seen in a year and a half. It felt a little surreal sitting there among all these amazing people, it almost felt like I had never left!


Catching up with friends:

You really know you are true friends if you can pick up where you left off, despite not having been in constant contact. It was really nice to spend quality time with friends who I hadn’t been able to see since I left for Japan.


Quality time with the munchkins:

One of the things I have missed dearly living abroad is my two little nephews, so being able to spend some quality time with them was just what I needed. They both have such interesting personalities and while I was so happy to be there spending time with them, it also made me a little sad that I wasn’t there to see all their changes and developments.


Beach day!

It was fabulous timing once again that Justine was passing through Sydney and Tsuyoshi and Koki were visiting Australia for the first time so we were able to catch up for a day and head to the beach! I am hardly a beach goer, which goes against every Australian stereotype, but it was perfect beach weather so after meeting at the Grounds of Alexandria for brunch we headed to Bondi to do part of the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. It was nice to be a tourist in my own city for a day!


It was an amazing three weeks, spending time with the most important people in my life back home but it was also a conflicting time. The decision to return home for good this year has been a difficult one and one that I have been flip flopping with for a while. And I still have not really come to terms with the fact that I will be moving back. I suppose I will just have to make the most of my remaining time here.

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