October in a nutshell

This poor blog has been severely neglected and my way of getting some life back into it is to recap my adventures of Octobers in one post!  (That being said, I still haven’t uploaded my post on my trip to China back in the summer… it will be coming soon hopefully!)

October 1st: Chestnut Picking!

Hana invited me to join her and her teacher friends on a chestnut picking expedition at one of the teachers’ properties. Chestnuts aren’t really a big thing back home so I was intrigued at the opportunity to pick my own. It was also really lovely to meet some of Hana’s colleagues who were all so lovely and kind.

It was really a fun day but my dilemma throughout the proceeding week was figuring out what to do with the chestnuts! I have never even eaten a chestnut before let alone tried to cook one, so that was a real challenge! I ended making some chestnut cookies which tasted alright but had the strangest texture as I don’t have a food processor here and had to hand cut the chestnuts into tiny pieces!

October 7th/8th: My school’s festival

It is crazy to think it has been a whole year since I attended my school’s festival last October! It was a fun filled weekend, watching the kids have fun outside the classroom and exhibit their artistic talents.


October 10th: Disney-sea!

Due to my school’s festival being held over the weekend, everyone had the day off on Tuesday in lieu. Luckily Hana and Steph also had the day off so we were able to go to Disney-sea on a not so crowded day! It was such a lovely warm day, and I was in the capable hands of two Disney experts who had a game plan as to how best attack the rides! I also came across a fair few students who also took advantage of the day off (and they really do get very little time off school due to their extra curricular activities). Throughout the week proceeding my Disney trip I had kids coming up to me in the school hallways saying they saw me at Disney-sea; it was heartwarming!

October 17th: Super Kabuki!


Another perk of my job, I was able to attend a kabuki play. And not just any ordinary kabuki, but a super kabuki! Last year the school’s cultural excursion was ‘The Lion King’, this year it was the ‘One Piece Kabuki’. The production value of the show was out of this world! The costumes, sets, acting and special effects were just amazing! It was a very innovative way to get young people into the traditional arts such as Kabuki (by using the story from a very popular anime – One Piece)

October 28th: Celebrating Halloween!

Halloween is a big thing here and it has gained considerable popularity in the past few years. The Saturday before Halloween is usually a sight to see in Shibuya with thousands of young people on the streets in costume having a grand old time! However, this year it was cold and rainy and we all decided not to make it a whole night event and rather be home at a respectable hour.


October 29th: Justine’s school festival!

The next day after our Halloween celebrations and feeling a little worse for wear, I visited Justine’s school festival with Hana. It was fun to see how other schools put on their festivals and the students were just adorable and so creative.

And to cap off a great month, here is one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen over Tokyo Bay.


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