More visitors!

In mid-May, my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews made the trip to visit me here in Tokyo. I could not be more appreciative of the fact that they came all the way over here to visit me, especially considering they had two little ones (2 and a half and 8 months) in tow. They were here for about ten days and in order to maximise their time (and minimise faffage with the babies!) they decided to spend a majority of their time in Tokyo with a day in Yokohama and a couple in Kyoto.

One of the hardest parts about living away from home has been missing out on the big milestones in my nephews’ development. I have missed birthdays and more importantly births! I have missed first words and first steps. I know in the scheme of things, a year or two is not a long time but it still is difficult not being there for all the little things. Sappiness aside I couldn’t wait to squish the two of them and relish in their cuteness for more than a week. And, it goes without saying that it was equally as lovely to see my sister and brother-in-law too, whose company I have also sorely missed.

Here are some highlights of all the things we got up to during their stay here:

Fresh off the plane and rearing to go!


Exploring the canals of Meguro and Nakameguro – a cool, hipster neighbourhood in Tokyo


Having fun on the artificial turf at Roppongi Mid-Town – can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of the giant Mt Fuji replica! Mylen fell in love with a lovely couple that were picnicing beside us and kept crawling over and having a chat, particular with the young man of the couple!

A day at the Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo Station (making a friend along the way!), stopping off for some ramen for lunch and finding a rooftop terrace overlooking the extensive Tokyo station with its many train lines

Taking the waterbus from Asakusa to Odaiba (Santi sleeping through the whole thing!) and having a look around Odaiba – a manmade island . Santi and I had a lovely time looking at the mini aquariums and playing ‘Fireman Sam’ – pretending to slide down a pole multiple times! 


Enjoying the local fare for dinner!


View over the city from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku (you can JUST make out Fuji-san!)


Day trip down to Yokohama, visiting a local craft beer brewery (and being totally stunned when the waiters broke out into full blown opera!) and experiencing live jazz for the first time

Visiting Arashiyama just outside of Kyoto, walking through the bamboo forest and having a ice-cream break on the side of a river

I was determined to get a picture together with this little guy, as I don’t think I have had one with him up to now! What better place than in Arashiyama!


A trip to the park on their last day!

It was a whirlwind 10 days or so, filled with many adventures. I am fortunate that my family is able to come and visit me and am so thankful of the time we had together. Now to wait the 6 or so long months until I can see them again!

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