Gotokuji 豪徳寺

The new school year, which started in early April, has brought upon a major change to my schedule. My working week is now from Tuesday to Saturday, meaning I now work Saturdays and have Mondays off. Initially I thought this would be a real hassle, but so far it has not been so bad. It means that I get to explore the city on Mondays with less people around. While most museums tend to be closed on Mondays, it does mean I get to visit other areas of the city and go shopping in relative peace.

A couple of Mondays ago I decided to head to Gotokuji (豪徳寺), a temple in Setagaya-ku (世田谷区) known for its hundreds of lucky cats. I love visiting temples, especially those that are not popular sightseeing spots as the feeling of calm and stillness is so soothing and sometimes necessary when you live amongst the craziness of Tokyo!


It took a little while for me to find the entrance to the temple as it was hidden well in the middle of a residential area. The feeling of serenity hit as soon as I stepped into the beautiful lush surroundings of the temple. Everything was so green and well taken care of and there were a few older ladies and gentlemen using the temple grounds as inspiration for their artwork.


And then I came across the cats. No explanation needed.

I’m looking forward to using my Mondays as exploration days from now on!

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