My parents’ visit to school

I was asked to come into work for the closing ceremony of the school year on the 23rd of March, right smack bang in the middle of my parents’ visit to Japan. I emailed my supervisor asking if they could come along and I was expecting a ‘it may be too difficult….insert some indirect rejection of my request here.’  But luckily my supervisor graciously invited them and even set up a meeting with the boss man – the principal of the school.

Every teacher we walked passed came over to say hello and introduce themselves to the best of their ability and really tried to make them feel welcome. The actual assembly itself was so dry and was over two hours long, most of which I had trouble understanding let along translating for my parents. After it finished, we were ushered into the principal’s office and I had the longest conversation with him that I have had in all my time here. What a down to earth, humble man he is for the head of such a huge institution. He really seemed to warm to my dad and the school even gifted them with hand towels and key rings.


It was really nice to feel like part of the school and the community and really exemplified the hospitality that most Japanese people are famous for.

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