“Spring” holidays

I am once again in the enviable position of having time off work – the kids are having their exams and lessons have finished up for the term which means that I don’t have to go into school. So essentially, I am done with work til early April!

What I would have done in the past with all this time off is feel the extreme need to travel – just get on a bus, train or plane to escape and explore different places. But this time, I have decided to explore a little closer to home. Plus money constraints (and there will be some upcoming travels with family and friends soon) mean that this is probably for the best.

Other than my weekly trips to supermarket and daily trips to the station, I don’t really know much about my local neighbourhood. So today I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go sit in a park and read a book. I looked up my local park on Google and went for a bit of a walk. However, when I got there it looked more like a concrete playground, with little grass and greenery. I then decided to find another park in the area, so I walked another couple of kilometres to what I thought would be a better choice. Unfortunately this too was very concrete-y, possible a reoccurring theme with the parks here. But this park did seem to have a really nice bicycle/tricycle track for kids, which was good to see.

In a last ditch effort, I googled another park – and this actually looked green on the map which I thought was a good sign. So another couple of kilometres later, I found Honmonji park, in Ikegami. Though it still looked a little barren (duh, it’s winter!) there was some definite greenery around. I just parked myself on a bench, listened to some podcasts and did some reading in the sun. I even started to feel a little snoozy with the sun beaming onto my face, after which I decided it was probably time to go home.

Though it was a beautiful sunny day, the wind was strong and had a definite chill to it. So after my little sunbathing session, I was looking forward to getting inside and out of the wind. Walking back to my apartment was lovely; I followed a river for the most part (little did I know I lived near a river! Hahah) which I presume will look even more lovely once spring hits and the sakura trees start to bloom.

Here’s to more little expeditions of my neighbourhood!

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