Relay Marathon!

1483929212164The words athletic or sporty have never been used to describe me, so it might surprise you to hear that I took part in a relay marathon with some fellow teachers from my school. I was overjoyed to be included in something outside of school. To be asked to participate, I felt like, was a big deal so I immediately jumped at the chance (without fully understanding the details, albeit).  Months after accepting to be part of the team, I found out that it was a relay marathon and that each lap was just over 1 km. This definitely put my mind at rest, but I was still a little uneasy going into it not having done any form of exercise in many months.

We all met at Yokohama station and then a couple of the teachers drove us to the park where the marathon was to be held. The race was Christmas themed, being only a couple days before Christmas.


Luckily it was a relatively warm day with the sun shining, but the wind was definitely on the strong side. My Japanese skills were really tested as it was our only means of communication, but I think I was able to cope with most of the conversation overall.

The fabulous team!

In terms of the actual running, I managed to complete three laps (of course, spread out in between the other teachers’ laps) which ended up being close to 5 km! What an accomplishment – and all without throwing up out of sheer exhaustion! Luckily the route was throughout a beautiful park so it made running most of it that tiny bit easier.

Proof I did it!

4 and a bit hours later, most of the teachers and I headed to Yokohama Chinatown for some lunch/dinner. The organising teacher so thoughtfully made sure it was a vegetarian friendly restaurant and all the teachers ended up eating vegetarian food, for my sake! It really was a lovely team bonding day, getting to know my colleagues outside of school. Here’s hoping it happens again (hopefully with a little less physical exertion!)


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