El’s trip to Tokyo!

I am very lucky to have had a stream of visitors come through Tokyo (and am looking forward to many more that will come in the future – my futons await you! ) My friend Eleanor from Sydney booked a two and bit week trip to Japan and let me sort out the travel plans in between (more like I said ‘here is where I want to go, is that cool?’ Haha). The first five days or so we spent in Tokyo – so here are some highlights of the things we got up to.


At the illuminations in Omotesando

It was a remarkably warm day and we walked all the way through Shibuya to Harajuku then ended the night in Shinjuku.

The day after my marathon (boy, were the thighs screaming out in pain!) we went on a day trip to Kamakura(鎌倉)and hiked to the famous Daibutsu 大仏(Big Buddha).

It was lovely clear day so along the hike we were able glimpse a view of 富士山 from Kamakura and Enoshima Island (江の島).

That evening we decided to go to Shimokitazawa (下北沢), a trendy hipster-ish area and had dinner at an avocado themed restaurant. Then we stumbled upon a pop-up bar selling spiced hot wine out of a van! It was delish!

On Christmas day, we headed out in the morning to the Imperial Palace gardens and had a look around the Tokyo station area. After that we met Justine and her friend Gaby for some vegan ramen before heading to Yokohama (横浜) for a spot a ice skating. Alas, the ice-skating wasn’t meant to be – there were sooooo many people in such a small space it didn’t seem worth it. So we made our own Christmas party next to the water with some drinks and snacks from the convenience store.

On Boxing Day we left very early to make our flight to Kyuushuu (九州), Fukuoka (福岡) to be precise. More on that later!

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