Christmas Party!

Back home, I never really celebrated Christmas. And by celebrated Christmas, I don’t mean the religious aspects of this special day. I mean the commercial side of this holiday – the presents, the lights, the tree. But Japan loves this side so Justine, Hana and I decided to have a little party of our own to celebrate the things that mean Christmas here (which apparently is Christmas cake and KFC!)

Justine had decorated her apartment amazingly, it had just the right amount of festive spirit to it and was so darn cute to boot.


Just look at the mini Christmas tree! Adorable!

It was a lovely evening spent with even lovelier people. We hung out under Justine’s kotatsu (炬燵)- an amazing contraption which is basically a heater attached to a table with a blanket on top to trap the heat (so cozy but sooooo hard to leave!) We swapped stories, ate lovely home cooked food and Christmas cake, watched a Christmas movie and exchanged presents.

What amazing presents (we all had the same idea of keeping one another warm and I may or may not have squealed at the sight of the 翔くん key ring!) and a Christmas feast!

I would not know what I would be doing here without these two ladies; and this was a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

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