A weekend with Heather and Tida!

I am very lucky to have made some great friends during my time here in Japan. But before we left, I met two lovely ladies Heather and Tida at the pre-departure orientation in Sydney and we promised one another to visit each other once we made it to Japan. And it actually did happen! Heather and Tida are both stationed in the Shizuoka prefecture, south of Tokyo and came up to visit for the weekend.

I was a little worried how my tiny tiny apartment would cope with visitors, but luckily I had purchased an extra quilt the day before they arrived and Tida came armed with her trusty sleeping bag. So, it was mostly all smooth sailing.

The girls arrived Friday night and I met them at Shin-Yokohama station, where their Shinkansen stopped. After the usual ‘Where are you?’ texts that come with meeting at any station in Tokyo, we were finally reunited!

The main purpose of their trip up was to visit the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland! So we met up with Hana in the morning and headed off for a long but fun day. Hana, having been to Disney a few times, was armed with a plan. So we headed off to get a fast past for Thunder Mountain first.

Being a Saturday, and the one right before Halloween celebrations were to begin, the park was certainly packed! Mainly with couples (in matching cutesy outfits) or groups of friends with matching accessories or tops. So, we couldn’t miss out on the action so we all decided to get matching Minnie Mouse bows!

Despite the sheer number of people (we had to wait two hours for Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion respectively) it was a really great day. Lovely Hana came prepared with a deck of cards so we made the time pass in the lines quickly.

Loving our bows and the Halloween decorations plus a Mickey ice-cream sandwich!

After having spent a good 10+ hours at Disneyland, we stopped at Tokyo station for dinner at where else but T’s Tan Tan for some vegan ramen.

The next day, Tida and Heather wanted to venture south to Yokohama so our first stop was Shin Yokohama station so the girls could drop off their luggage in a coin locker. After much confusion, we found the coin lockers and were on our way to the Cup-Ramen museum. What an interesting place this was – you get to learn the history of instant noodles and see how it has changed over the years. The main reason why people flock there  is because you can personalise your own cup ramen! Of course, even instant noodles are not vegetarian in Japan but just the experience of making the noodles was fun enough!

Next we headed to Yokohama Chinatown! We were all really hungry so we ‘happy cow-ed’ a vegetarian friendly place to have lunch. After having a little look around Chinatown, it was time for the girls to head back to the station to catch their Shinkansen back home.

It was a really fun filled weekend and great to catch up with Tida and Heather. Hopefully sometime in the near future Hana and I can make a trip down to Shizuoka to visit them!

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