The last fireworks for the summer

Last Saturday was my school’s Bunkasai – literally translated to Culture Festival. Basically it is time when the school comes together to showcase the various clubs and activities and each class sets up a stall for the local community. It has been in the works for months; on top of the students’ (and teachers’) packed schedules, they have spent countless hours making decorations and games and preparing for the festival.

It was my first experience with anything like this and it was certainly a great day (despite the pouring rain – again!) I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of a few teachers and we walked around the school, visiting the many different stalls and activities together. Some of them included bowling, putt putt golf, a haunted house, a maze and a ‘knock ’em’ down type game. It was really nice to see the kids outside of a classroom setting, and seeing them excited for me to play their game was actually heartwarming.

Also, throughout the day, the school’s various clubs performed – namely the cheer squad, the dance club and some singers. These kids are certainly talented.

There was really a sense of community which was really nice and it was nice to feel a part of it.

After spending most of the day at school, I headed up to Saitama to meet Justine, Hana and new friend Charlotte visiting from Ehime, for one of the last fireworks’ of the season. We met up with some other JETs from the local area and headed on a nice walk to the fireworks viewing area. We were meant to meet a meetup group but ended up finding our own space. It had really started to cool down and this viewing area was on the other side of the river to where the majority of the crowds were. So it was really relaxed and not crowded at all which was nice and refreshing.

And the fireworks certainly did not disappoint. Spectacular as most of the displays have been.

Then we headed back to Shibuya for a spot of karaoke which was a nice way to end the night.


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