Last weekend

The weekend is a time of relaxation but it is also the time when I feel the most homesick as I have time to just sit and think. So in order to rid these feelings (or quietly bury them for a while!) I like to keep busy.

I am so lucky to have found such lovely girls to hang out with, who I can call my friends and I really look forward to our weekly (or at least we try to make it weekly) catch-ups. On Friday night, Justine, Hana and I met at what is soon becoming our local, for dinner in Ikebukuro.


We then decided to go out for some karaoke. While trying to find a place to go, we heard from our friend Emma who we decided to meet out in Shibuya. And so the night of the first train (again!) began.

For such a busy and action packed city, Tokyo’s trains stop from about midnight onward and then only start up again around 5 am. So that makes for a somewhat early or craaaazy long night. This was a craaaazy long night. It always seems like a good idea to stay out, but it never is! We had a great time at karaoke and then met up with our friend Steph and her friends. So we stayed for a little more karaoke and then proceeded to a izayaka to wait it out til the first train.

I don’t know how I did it, but after a couple of hours sleep I was up and out to a Meetup. It was a walking tour of Kuramae, a little hipster-ish suburb near Asakusa. It was a nice gathering of people and we just walked throughout the suburb visiting a few shops and then enjoying lunch at a local restaurant. Most of the members then also hung around for coffee afterwards just chatting. It was really chilled and relaxed and I had a lovely time despite such little sleep.

We stopped at a lovely little muffin shop. Look at the cute packaging!

Then on Sunday I went to the Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival. I was meant to join a meetup, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the place where everyone was meeting so I just wandered around by myself. It’s hard to think that this is the same city that I visited 8 years ago, where vegetarian food was sooo hard to come by. Now there are whole festivals and exclusively vegan restaurants dotted around the city.

Many of these restaurants had set up stalls and were selling their signature dishes. I decided to get some yakisoba – which is almost never vegan or vegetarian.

Then as the day was still young, I decided to go explore another neighbourhood of TokyoShimokitazawa. This is another hipster-y suburb, where all the cool kids hang out to go thrift shopping. It had a nice vibe to it with lots of interesting cafes and restaurants.

All in all a nice chilled weekend. Looking forward to many more!

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