Playing with Fireworks!

Japan really takes fireworks seriously. Summer equals fireworks, pretty much. So nearly every weekend throughout summer there is a fireworks event somewhere in the city. In the two months I have been here I think I have been to 3 different ones, and will be going to one again this weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, to mark the end of Summer, Justine and I joined a meetup not to watch the fireworks, but to be part of it by letting off our own fireworks! Like many countries around the world, it is illegal to do so in Australia, so we jumped at the chance to do it ourselves.

The organiser of the meetup had prepared a whole range of different firework varieties. It was a little scary to begin with, but we soon got the hang of it!


At the end of the night, Julian the organiser, let off some little fireworks. It was pretty cool to see up close.



But the coolest part of the night (and as this was a photography meetup) had to be this photo taken by one of the members!


I clearly don’t know how to draw hearts, though neither does Larry who we met that evening!


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