Catch up posts!

Before school started, I had a fair bit of time to get my life organised and to also sight see around Tokyo. There is so much to see and do in Tokyo, I feel like the close to three weeks that I had, I still have not made a dent in all the possibilities that are out there.

Animal cafes are a big thing here, probably because so many people live in apartments and can’t have pets in their buildings. But a whole other level of animal café, is the owl café. In theory it sounds cool – ‘Oh wow, a bunch of owls. It’ll be like Harry Potter!’ The reality was just scary!

Ikefukuro Café (a play on words, as the café is in the suburb Ikebukuro and the Japanese word for owl is ‘fukuro’) is a very well set up café, you could only come in at a pre appointed time and if you post on social media you are able to get a discount. But having owls flying from perch to perch at random definitely made my heart jump once or twice. I only had the courage to hold a smaller owl. My friend Steph held a very friendly one that decided to climb onto her head! This was a definitely only in Japan situation!

Do I look terrified? Because I was! Justine and Steph look so natural!

That night/the next morning we decided to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market – a really famous tourist spot known for the tuna auctions at 5.30am. In order to get in to watch the auctions, you need to line up and secure your spot from 3am – which is means staying out overnight after the last train. So Justine, Steph and I decided to meet close to midnight with the plan of Karaoke-ing until it was time to line up. However, we found a 24hour sushi place (which made vegetarian sushi!!!) and hung out there. We met up with some more friends and headed over and were literally the last group to make it to the 5.30am session and score the last snazzy yellow vests. So we had 2 and a half hours to kill. Thank goodness one of the girls brought a card game to play. The actual auction itself was very underwhelming. It was over in a matter of seconds and I was not able to see a single thing due to all the other tourists. It was interesting to see the sheer size of the tuna; I had no idea that they were so huge, some close to 2 metres. I guess the whole experience was definitely unique but not wanting to/being able to eat any of the fresh seafood seemed little useless…?

The mountain of styrofoam was alarming but we were assured that it is recycled. 

I have a lot of catch up posts to make so hopefully I can get them out in the coming weeks!

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