Solo Expedition Take 2

Last Thursday I decided to go on another solo mission to a temple – one of the bigger ones in Tokyo named Zojoji Temple. It was blazing hot that day but I was determined to get there! Little did I know or realise that the temple was near Tokyo Tower!


Along one side of the temple were the most adorable statues. I am not sure what they represented but they certainly put a smile on my face!



I have been trying to try out as many Vegan/Vegetarian places as possible (mostly for peace of mind and ease) so I had done my research and found the nearest one in the area and figured out the way using google maps. But alas, if it were only that easy! It took me close to an hour to actually find the place, but along the way I got to experience screaming teenage girls (there was an exhibition or something of the like promoting a movie starring some Exile boy band members) and the Nippon TV building, which was next door.


In the afternoon I was able to meet up with my new friend Kaylee, an ex JET finishing up her time in Tokyo and heading off to more exciting travel adventures. We went to Harajuku – my first time this trip and I certainly will be heading back soon!

Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery and a casual maid’s outfit for sale on the street.

It has been a tricky time the last couple of weeks – there are times I can hardly believe where I am and what I am doing and it is incredibly exciting. And there are times when I miss home and everyone there so much that it hurts and I want to come home straight away. But I find that getting out of the house everyday and doing something – exploring and walking around, whether it only be for an hour or two – does a world of difference. I know the feeling of wanting to come home will not go away entirely but hopefully as time goes on it will lessen. And making friends here has certainly  helped! Onward and upward!

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