2nd round apartment hunting

After the unfortunate blunder with the apartments last time, I was hopeful that I would at least get inside to see the two apartments I had appointments to see. And luckily, I was able to!

The first apartment was beautiful; clean and new with an amazing view of the city. But of course much more than I am willing to pay a month to live comfortably.


And the second was older but bigger and much more within my budget.

So the application process has begun. As to be expected, everything is very ‘by the book’ with little flexibility. The scariest part of the process was definitely having my Japanese ability ‘tested’ by the management company of the property. I pretty much had to fake I knew what he was talking about and answer as best as I could.

In the evening I met up with the lovely Karina, who I met while travelling in Vietnam. She has been living in Tokyo for about 2 years so it was great to get some tips from her. We went to a proper izakaya – unfortunately I wasn’t able to appreciate the food as others would but it was amazing the care and precision that is put into each plate of food as they cooked in front of us.



Today I received an email from the real estate asking me to call the guarantor company in order to confirm my identity. Ha. So I had to go in search of a pay phone as I still do not have a working phone here. Then I headed into Shinjuku for a spot of window shopping and had lunch at another cool vegetarian restaurant (of course, I had to get lost a bit on the way there!)



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