Apartment hunting in Tokyo and exploring the city

Thursday was the first full day I spent alone in Tokyo – which meant navigating the Tokyo train system on my own in order to meet with the real estate agent JET had organised.

After much googling and screenshot-ing the route there, I left a 40 minute buffer to account for catching the wrong train/getting lost. But I made it there on the first go! A JET friend who has just completed a year in Tokyo gave me some much needed and important advice: ‘Celebrate the tiny victories’ and making to my destination in one piece without any major difficulties was definitely a win. And it made me feel really good! 🙂

After spending a good 2 and a half hours trawling through the thousands of apartments online, we narrowed it down to 2 places to view later in the afternoon.

But first things first, food. I had scoped out a cool vegan place for lunch, but yet another challenge – getting there without losing my way. But i did it, and it was worth it. Another small victory. The food was great and the atmosphere so hip and cool. 20160728_131030.jpg


The apartment hunting has been an interesting experience – to get across my wants has been a little bit of a challenge but nothing is impossible! The first apartment was in an older building and had a very distinct musty smell to it – an immediate turn off! Plus the building next door was undergoing construction. So the second apartment looked amazing in comparison – clean, quiet and in a lovely residential area. Though it is at the very top of my budget and a bit of a walk to the station, this one was definitely a contender.

Apartment 1

Apartment 2

So the search is not over! I have been told by previous JETs that they barely got any time to find their places, so I am sooooo thankful that we have a bit of choice and time to make the right choice!

In the evening, I went for a bit of a wander around the neighbourhood to scope out dinner and came across this little Italian restaurant I came across on my first day (but could not find again! haha) It was a lovely end to a day full of ‘little victories’20160728_192601.jpg

Today was an exploration day. I met my new friend Justine and we walked around (in the exhausting Tokyo heat) the heart of the city – Shibuya – in search of lunch. After going on a wild goose chase for vegetarian food (while hopping from 7/11 to 7/11 taking advantage of their free wifi in order to use google maps!) we found a little udon shop and were able to communicate vegetarian in Japanese! It was THE best! P1010017.JPG

Then we headed over to Shinjuku for a little walk around and a visit to Kinokuniya to find some Japanese textbooks. To combat the heat we had some ice-cream and what kind better than Matcha in Japan! 20160729_155142.jpg

Looking forward to tomorrow – there is a huge fireworks festival on and more apartment hunting in the morning!

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