1st school visit!

Today was the day to leave the JET bubble! booooo….we had to say goodbye to friends made within a space of days and head out on our own.

After struggling with my luggage to our Tokyo Private school orientation area, I finally got to meet with my supervisor! Then we made our way to my short stay apartment – the place where I will get to stay for the next two weeks while I search for a permanent place. It seems like a really nice area.

Then I got to visit my school for the first time! I first got a glimpse of the field where the students were soccer training. I fumbled and mumbled my way through many greetings, meeting the principal, vice principal and a number of teachers along the way.

It was all very scary but seemed rather natural at the same time. A school is still a school. However, the navigating of Japanese life – whether it be the trains, the food, the surroundings, the language, is another story. While it is amazing, it still is absolutely terrifying at every turn of the way – not knowing what to do and who to ask is the tricky part. But the initial hurdle will be over soon when I settle into a place, which I am looking forward to. Tomorrow I will get to see the first set of apartments! Eeeekkkk!



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