Tokyo Orientation – 25th/26th July

What an intense couple of days. Long hours of lectures, talks, panels, workshops. You name it….it has been on our schedule for the past couple of days.

It was all kicked off with a formal opening ceremony and then we were launched into it all with the dos and don’ts of JET life.


The first night of orientation ended with a welcome reception, where we got to meet other JETs from our local area. And us new Tokyo JETs were lucky enough to meet some current JETs who took us around the local Shinjuku area, and out for a spot of Karaoke. When in Japan, right?


The second night was capped off by a welcome reception at the Australian Embassy where we were asked to be on our best behaviour during our time in Japan!


And now it all gets very real. We leave the comfortable JET nest and fly off into the deep dark scary world out there. After our local Tokyo orientation, it will finally be time I meet my supervisor and get to see the school I will be teaching at for a year! I can’t tell if its terror or excitement, but there are certainly butterflies in the tummy at the moment!

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  1. The school and students are very lucky to have you there. I know you will get as much out of this experience as you will give.

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