The JET adventure begins

The day had finally arrived. I was about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life – moving across the world to another country so far way from the friends, family and culture that I have known all my life.

After the hasty goodbyes were said, I floated through the boarding gates and onto the flight without it really sinking in what I was actually doing. And, that being said it still has not sunk in.

The flight was an uneventful red eye – uncomfortable and unpleasant as all overnight flights are. But it was getting us all to Tokyo. All us eager bright eyed (well, maybe not so much after the 9 and a half hour flight!) and bushy tailed JETs were rearing to go. Oh, but it was only 5.15am!

We filed off one after the other through immigration, being granted that oh so precious residence card and then off to join another seemingly endless queue through customs. But we were here, we had made it! That was all that mattered then!

A short bus ride later, we arrived at the hotel – Shinjuku Keio Plaza. Very fancy and swanky and we were then told that we had to return at 2pm to be checked in. It was now 8.30 am. So, what else to do than explore the city!


Some of the incoming JETs waiting around to check in. Check out those light fixtures!

P1000993Figuring out where to go early in the morning

Making our way to Hanazono Shrine – a piece of peace and quiet in a frenzied Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Building and the view from the observation deck on the 45th floor. You can see Mt Fuji in the very very far distance.

20160724_191007Infamous Shibuya crossing

It has been a very long day, one filled with little sleep, lots of walking and the building of new friendships.

The two days are filled from morning to evening with orientation presentations. I wonder what we have to look forward to….? This is just the beginning.

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