Day two – off to Laos!

This morning was a little bit of a wasted one, with it being my only time in Hanoi. I didn’t really get to see much of the city at all, but experienced its infamous traffic!


Then a final group lunch with the departing tour members, it was off to the airport. New Year’s Eve in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Not exactly the party capital of the world, but a small sleepy city which would be a refreshing change from the fast pace of Vietnam.


After a super short flight of just over 1 hour, we were in Laos. Thank goodness for some warmer weather! After making it the four flights of stairs (with our luggage and no lift!) it was off to bring in the new year!

Being a small city, we were not sure what New Year’s Eve would be like, but NYE in Vientiane was pretty awesome. Laid back and relaxed. A huge outdoor dance party filled with locals (and many local songs) all out to have a good time.



Though, I nearly missed the countdown to New Year’s Eve, in classic me style. By being in the queue for the toilet and having numerous people cut in line all, like me , not wanted to miss the moment. With literary seconds to spare, it was 2015!


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