Day 1: Laos and Thailand on a shoestring

It’s the summer holidays which means it’s time for another adventure! (and my lame attempts at blogging it. Here’s hoping I keep this up)

My flight out of Sydney was a overnighter with a small, teeny weeny layover in KL for 6 hours. Luckily, I had two seats to myself which is a mystery as to why considering it was a very full flight. Then came the layover from hell, having not slept well on the flight and arriving at 3am to nothing being open. But Starbucks eventually did:


The flight to Hanoi was a quick one comparatively at just over 3 hours. I somehow scored a seat in the front row here so I zoomed out of the airport and immigration in the shortest amount I think, ever! I was out of the airport in under half an hour!

Then came the dilemma of figuring out how much money to take out, the Vietnamese dong is 16,000 to the dollar. That screwed with my brain, not wanting to have an excess of money as I am only in Vietnam for 1 day. Then a cab to the hotel (which was thoroughly overpriced, but the cleanest taxi have ever been in, anywhere in the world)



Later in the night it was time for the standard tour group meeting and out to dinner and a drink.


Off to Laos tomorrow for New Year’s Eve . Here’s hoping it is warmer and sunnier than Hanoi (once again I have underestimated the climate!)

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