USA Adventures – Day 7: DISNEYLAND!

The day of Disney! And what a long day it was. I bet we walked about 10km today and now my legs need a break!

We started the day early, we got a transfer at 7.15am to Anaheim from LA. The trip was pretty painless and all up took just over an hour. We got to our hotel and then pretty much set off for the happiest place on earth! We planned on hitting it all and hitting it hard. And boy did we hit it hard. We pretty much covered the whole park, only missing the rides that were closed for construction.

It was a surprisingly quiet day seeing as school kids are back in school and it was the middle of the week. The most we had to wait in line was I think about 15minutes for the Peter Pan ride, which seemed like the most popular ride of the whole place as it constantly had a huge queue throughout the day.

The fast pass system really does work well – it does not cost any extra money (which was very confusing to understand as we thought it was worth money). You get a fast pass at certain attractions and just come back at the allotted time and get to go to the front of the line.

The best attractions by far were the Indiana jones, it’s a small world, the tea cups (the best! And so iconic) space mountain and Peter Pan. Splash mountain was really quite scary, glad I did it but not sure id do it again. The Matador was not what I expected and just left me with a neck ache.

All in all, we did one park well, without hopping from park to park. Missions is eh definition Italy accomplished. Sooooo tired now!

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  1. Good job! How awesome that you didnt have to line up! I remember lining up 2hrs+ in Japan -_- My fav is the space mountain too! Seems like more rides in LA than Asia 🙂

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