USA Adventures – Day 6: LA sightseeing

What a day! LA is so spread out that conquering more than a couple neighbourhoods was a feat! But we managed to do two. We started off on the bus , two actually – which was a one and a half hour trip to Santa Monica. We got there and hit Third St Promenade. After a bit of shopping we walked down to Santa Monica pier – the beach looked so calm and beautiful. There is so much sand!

Then we did a nice but long walk in the beautiful warm sun to Venice Beach boardwalk. Then made a slight wrong turn – rather we walked a little too far til we made it to Winward ave and stopped for lunch at a little pizza place which looked abandoned, so we were a little apprehensive. But it turned out to be one of the best meals we have had so far! The staff were so helpful, helping us find the right bus to catch back to Hollywood.

Another 1 and a half bus ride later, we made it to the Hollywood walk of fame. We did the usual stuff – the stars, Chinese theatre, the Dolby (previously called the kodak theatre). Then we were stopped by the usual tour people on the side of the road and decided to do a tour that I never saw myself doing…a celebrity homes tour through Beverly Hills. Omg.

Then after a long day, and a last bus ride next to a harmless eccentric person we had a great dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Off to Disneyland tomorrow. Yay for the happiest place on earth!

(Photos don’t seem to be uploading. So will update when I get better internet!)

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