Day eleven – travel day to Inle Lake

Today was a travel day by private bus to Inle Lake, or rather the small town of Nyang Shwe on the outskirts of the lake. It was a 6 hour journey that certainly did not feel that long because it was broken up into small bite-sized sections (though it didn’t help that I felt queasy the whole bus ride and thensome!)

First stop was the Pindaya Caves. This was a total surprise but what a gem of a place, inside these limestone caves are the images of more the 8000 Buddhas made from the donations from people all around the world. It was amazing to see so many Buddha statues in one small concentrated area.





Then after lunch and another stretch of driving we stopped off at a traditional Shan paper making workshop where the workers demonstrated how they make paper using traditional methods. They also showed us how they make totally handmade paper and bamboo umbrellas. It was nice to see that you can still get stuff that is completely made by people rather than machines.


Right at the end of our journey we had a look at a teak monastery where the young monks we starting their evening prayers and lessons. Kids and kids even if they are monks and will still not pay attention in class!



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