Day eight – Mandalay

Mandalay feels like one of the big cities of Asia – lots of cars, trucks, buses, bicycles and the craziest of them all, the motorcycles. We went for a walking tour of the city to the local markets selling everything from fresh produce to clothes to army greens.


We then went to the jade market which was an experience. Hundreds of people were trading, buying and selling jades and we also saw the polishing and cutting process. It was a bit crazy and overwhelming in there but who know jade could be so expensive!


Then we headed to a teak monastery built by the Chinese more than a hundred years ago. The tranquility of the monastery was a nice break from the crazy city.


For sunset we headed up to Mandalay hill which was packed with tourists awaiting the setting of the sun. We met a lovely girl selling cards and she told us her story of how she rides 6km to school everyday and attends painting school before she heads to regular school. Very cool.


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