Best of Burma – the adventure begins!

Another tour, another country, another adventure to look forward to!

But before that, a day full of travel and flights. The first flight was an overnighter to Singapore where I had a 7 and a half hour layover to look forward to. What else to do but shop, you ask? I resisted the urge (plus I have that to look forward to on the way home) and had a lie down in the transit hotel. As the name suggests, a place to sleep away a long stop over.


Then the next flight to Yangon was a nice short one by comparison – just a hop, skip and 3 and a half hours away. The immigration and customs formed looked a bit scary but the processes were the easiest and quickest I have every experienced in any country.

Then off to the hotel in the oldest cab ever, with a right hand drive. Doesn’t sound strange until I realised that the Burmese drive on the right also! The hot and sticky weather was no surprise but what was surprising is the state of the buildings and infrastructure and the rate at which new developments and projects are being undertaken. Lots of new stuff coming up quickly.

Met the tour group at the end of the day; the hotel has an amazing view of the golden temple and the general skyline. Lots of amazing things to look forward to in the weeks to come!



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