Izu Peninsula

It had been a while since by last adventure within Japan so I was itching to go somewhere. With a rare three day weekend I decided to explore the Izu Peninsula. Justine had been down there in the summer and loved it and so she recommended a cool little (and cheap!) hostel to stay in... Continue Reading →

Trip home

I am in the very privileged position of calling two places home at the moment. During my winter break here in Tokyo, I was able to head back to Sydney to spend three lovely weeks in the sun catching up with friends and family and attending a wedding (or two!) Wedding number 1: I was... Continue Reading →

Adventures in China (Part 2)

(Part 2 of my China trip, only 6 months late!) The part of this trip I was looking forward to was our 'homestay' in the rural village of Hong Keng in Yongding county. We caught another high speed train to Longyan station and then were expecting to catch a public bus to out guesthouse in... Continue Reading →

Adventures in China! (Part 1)

I have always wanted to travel to China but kept putting off and went on exploring other parts of Asia during my annual summer holidays - the only thing putting me off was the cold weather during their winter as that would be only time I could travel there. However, with my summer holidays now... Continue Reading →

November 2017

Where has this year gone...it continues to astound me that I have been living in Japan for more than a year. I have kept myself alive (and have been thriving, if I do say so myself!) in another country for a year! November was the month for Autumn foliage (紅葉). The colours never fail to... Continue Reading →

October in a nutshell

This poor blog has been severely neglected and my way of getting some life back into it is to recap my adventures of Octobers in one post!  (That being said, I still haven't uploaded my post on my trip to China back in the summer... it will be coming soon hopefully!) October 1st: Chestnut Picking!... Continue Reading →

Mini-break with Masai Sensei!

I have mentioned Masai-Sensei before in previous posts; she is somewhat of a lifesaver of mine at school, helping me navigate the various events and administrative tasks that go along with living and working in Japan. She has also become a friend who I have come to rely on and enjoy spending time with, in... Continue Reading →

More visitors!

In mid-May, my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews made the trip to visit me here in Tokyo. I could not be more appreciative of the fact that they came all the way over here to visit me, especially considering they had two little ones (2 and a half and 8 months) in tow. They were... Continue Reading →

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